An Investment In Yourself

Panthera Fighting Arts is a branch of the MI Association and offers the most unique and innovative Martial Arts training in the world. The program features a multi-cultural approach. We are the only Martial Arts School teaching these methods in all of Simi Valley. The Martial Arts systems are highly evolved and of a rather esoteric nature not widely known by the public or martial artist here in the USA these systems however, have been practiced in their countries of origin for hundreds of years and are still being practiced today.

Why You Should Join Our School

The benefits of training are many. Within a few short weeks you will notice a change within you. There will be physical gains, endurance gains, agility, flexibility and much more. You be taught the most practical, efficient, highly sophisticated Martial Arts self-defense techniques that will enable you to not only defend yourself, but also defend your family or close ones in time of need. Martial Arts will expand your outlook on life, as you will learn about philosophy, biomechanics, psychology, culture, history, tradition and human behavior. Your sensitivity and awareness will increase. Your potential will be revealed.


Martial Arts can be learned by virtually everyone, unlike many other sports or exercise programs. Classes are designed to provide personal attention and instruction to guide students throughout their program.

No student is over-exerted or under-challenged. Your progress will be encouraged.


As you progress in our program, you will experience self-discipline and gain self-confidence. You will see the positive results achieved by you by physical conditioning. No other system in the world can be as powerful and can encompass so many varied disciplines in life, as a total whole, as in Martial Arts. In truth, it is for self-understanding and brings a more positive attitude towards life.

Panthera Fighting Arts of Simi Valley, Ca. is conveniently located near the communities of: Chatsworth, Ca. Moorpark,Ca. Thousand Oaks, Ca. and Agoura Hills, Ca.