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Panthera Fighting Arts - Simi Valley Ca. - Martial Arts School

About The Instructor

David Del Boccio is the owner and chief instructor of Panthera Fighting Arts. Training for over 30 years and becoming a full instructor under the direct guidance of the world renowned martial arts instructor Cass Magda of the Magda Institute of Martial Arts who is one of Dan Inosanto’s  (Bruce Lee’s protege) top JKD  and Filipino Kali instuctors. Opening his own school in Simi Valley, ca. And becoming a member of the MI Association of school owners, he will continue to preserve and perpetuate the philosophy and arts of the MI association. And will continue his own development in the Martial Arts.


Panthera Fighting Arts - Simi Valley Ca. - Martial Arts School

About The Curriculum

The curriculum at Panthera Fighting Arts is based on the program used by the MI association members developed by Cass Magda of the Magda Institute of Martial Arts. The program is a blend of four distinct yet highly complementary martial arts: Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Buka Jalan Pentjak Silat, Kali/Escrima and Muay Thai boxing from Thailand. These arts form the nucleus of the curriculum taught at PFA. The training methods and techniques from other martial arts are also incorporated and utilized in are program. By blending these arts we feel are students develop a very well rounded self defense structure combining striking and kicking, grappling, weaponry and multiple attack strategy.

Why Join Our School

The benefits of training are many. Within a few short weeks you will notice a change within you. There will be physical gains, endurance gains, agility, flexibility and much more. You be taught the most practical, efficient, highly sophisticated Martial Arts self-defense techniques that will enable you to not only defend yourself, but also defend your family or close ones in time of need. Martial Arts will expand your outlook on life, as you will learn about philosophy, biomechanics, psychology, culture, history, tradition and human behavior. Your sensitivity and awareness will increase. Your potential will be revealed.


Martial Arts can be learned by virtually everyone, unlike many other sports or exercise programs. Classes are designed to provide personal attention and instruction to guide students throughout their program.

No student is over-exerted or under-challenged. Your progress will be encouraged.


As you progress in our program, you will experience self-discipline and gain self-confidence. You will see the positive results achieved through physical conditioning. No other system in the world can be as powerful and can encompass so many varied disciplines in life, as a total whole, as in Martial Arts. In truth, it is for self-understanding and brings a more positive attitude towards life.

Panthera Fighting Arts of Simi Valley, Ca. is conveniently located near the communities of: Chatsworth, Ca. Moorpark,Ca. Thousand Oaks, Ca. and Agoura Hills, Ca.

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